About Drywater Productions


Drywater Productions is a dynamic husband-wife team, Stephen and Cameron Pickering. Stephen grew up with a love of film-making. He furthered his dream to create his own production company by attending an internationally renowned film school. He received a film degree from Vancouver Film School in 2005. Three weeks later he moved back to his home state of Wisconsin and married his high school sweetheart, Cameron. They started Drywater Productions two months later and haven’t looked back!

Stephen and Cameron work side by side filming, editing, and creating videos. Starting out with wedding videography in 2005, Drywater has evolved into a company that creates unique commercials and corporate videos. Together, they have worked very hard to build up their business all the while taking care of their four young children and somehow finding time to restore their 160 year-old home.

The Team Behind Drywater

Stephen Pickering
Stephen PickeringWriter, Director, DP
Stephen Pickering loves everything about film making. Making movies as a kid was just the beginning.


Cameron Pickering
Cameron PickeringWriter, Editor
Cameron makes the raw footage come to life, cutting projects and getting the edit just right.

Clients and Awards